Roger Newbrook


Originally from Manchester, I have lived in the north east of England since graduating in 1991.

I love maps, growing things, making things, visiting new places, stationery, grotesquerie and pizza.

Although I am an artist who works happily in a variety of media, I work mainly with photograhy, collage and drawing. My work is/tends to be abstract.

A large proportion of my work is presented as photographic images which are created through non-lens based photographic methods. The working title for these images is "Surface Tensions". This particular technique has evolved of a number of years. It began with Warholesque slideshows using hand made slides which were then projected the on bands while they performed. This was the 1980s and 1990s. The media used to create the slides varied from gels and tissue papers, to inks and glues; the important thing was that they were (semi) transparent. I eventually started to use scanners to capture the images as the work became more print than performance based.

An overriding theme in my work regardless of media is the interplay of transience and ephemerality with physicality and permanence in the world around us; a fleeting shadow, a moment, against a monument or an immovable/eternal thing. Inspiration can spring from almost anywhere; from a television programme about the sea, from maps, from scientific photographs, from geometric patterns, from broken glass, from music, from frost patterns or a foggy day.

Vaughan OliverThis link opens in a new tab of v23This link opens in a new tab used a number of my images for the packaging of Lullabies to Violaine by Cocteau TwinsThis link opens in a new tab on 4adThis link opens in a new tab and on a limited edition box set design for Cocteau Twins commisioned by Vinyl 180This link opens in a new tab.

My work is for sale, usually as part of short run prints. Please contact me with any questions or for further information.

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